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Yup is a social consensus protocol that facilitates the measurement, capture, and exchange of influence in a pseudonymous opinion-based economy. It identifies content and distributes rewards according to the value of the opinions associated with that content. We define content as any specific data online that user(s) deem worth judging, including but not limited to texts, images, videos, locations, accounts, and links. The value of each action depends on a users' influence. The influence metric is a function of engagement, holdings over time, and reputation (see Influence).

The token reward mechanism mints new YUP tokens and distributes them according to influence. The protocol incentivizes users to earn and hold YUP to increase influence while rating across the web. In addition to creator/curator rewards, there are yields from providing liquidity.


Influence is the relative social capital of a user or piece of content, measured in a score out of 100. The higher your influence score, the more impactful your ratings are.

The influence metric is primairly a function of two components: age and activity. Token age measures the amount of tokens an account has and how long they’ve been held for to ensure dependable governance. Activity calculates the difference in the number of ratings and the amount of rewards received to accurately represent users' contribution to the network. Learn more →

Yup Token

The YUP token is an asset distributed to incentivize participation and accuracy and held for governance and burning. Acquire →

  • Pricing Influence: YUP allows for an accurate pricing, scarcity, and representation of influence.

  • Incentivizing Social Consensus: Users earn YUP tokens for the content they rate and create.

  • Governance: The YUP token will be used to govern the Yup Protocol.

  • Fair & Broad Distribution: YUP is distributed fairly and broadly across over 14k accounts at launch.

  • Incentivizing Liquidity: Liquidity providers earn YUP tokens by providing liquidity to YUP liquidity pools and staking the LP tokens on Yup Racing.

  • Foundation for Influencer Tokens: YUP will function as the dividend mechanism for influencer tokens.


Yup has a fair distribution mechanism that incentivizes key community members to actively take the reins of governance.

Curator & Creator Rewards - Influence

Users earn YUP tokens for the content they create and rate. Each rating is worth a certain amount of YUP, which is distributed to the creator and past curators of the coinciding content. The goal is to reward content in proportion to the value it brings to the community.

Liquidity Provider Rewards - Yup Racing

Liquidity providers earn YUP tokens by providing liquidity to YUP liquidity pools and staking the LP tokens on Yup Racing.